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 Welcome  to Asian Institute  of   Healing Arts an integrative health center. Utilizing the example of the ancient sages of China, we address the promotion and maintenance of health in a variety of ways.

   Those ancient sages focused on three basic tenants in their treatment. The first was the energetic  balance of the body, which the effected with acupuncture. At the Asian Institute, acupuncture is the focus of our approach. 

We use a variety of techniques including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Classic Chinese Acupuncture, Five Elements, Japanese, Meridian and Trigger Point. We draw from these techniques that which is most relevant for each patient.

Their second approach was the chemical balance of the body which they addressed with medicinal herbs and food. At the Asian Institute we utilize Standard Process whole food nutritional supplements as our main approach and Mediherb herbal supplements to complement the Standard Process.

Their third approach was to address the structure of the body. They used a technique called Tui Na. Tui Na is a system of muscle work, similar to massage, and gross manipulation of the joints and articulations of the skeleton. At the Asian Institute, chiropractic care is the focus of our approach to the structure of the human form. Modern chiropractic is much more objective and scientific in its approach to the care of the structure and nervous system of the human body. The ancient sages were also masters of Tai Chi and various other martial arts. Western medicine discusses the value of exercise, but Eastern medicine defined what exercise should be centuries ago. Asian Institute of Martial Arts, contained within the Asian Institute is dedicated to the study and preservation of these ancient disciplines.

So there you have the approach. One which is proactive in promoting health. Not one which allows the body to break down and is then reactive to disease. It is healthcare in its truest sense, not the disease care more commonly found in todays society. We utilize acupuncture to balance the energetics of the body. Herbs and whole foods to address the biochemistry. Chiropractic to promote health through the care of the structure, function and neurology of the body. Energetics, biochemistry and structure, when these are in balance the result is an environment where health can proliferate.

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