Food Buyer’s Club

grocery_bagsContained within Asian Institute of Healing Arts is a wholesale food buyer’s club known asSummer’s Harvest. This buyer’s club is set up as a service to our patients and the surrounding community. While the importance of quality food and it’s nutrients cannot be overstated, the cost can be limiting. Our buyer’s club allows it’s members to purchase organic foods at wholesale prices. There are bi-weekly deliveries of fresh organic produce and monthly orders of dry goods (cereals, grains, packaged goods). Catalogs are available via e-mail and hard copy that detail the wide range of products that can be ordered.


As important as quality, nutrient rich foods, is a clean, pure source of water. There are many filtration systems on the market and Summer’s Harvest is proud to be a distributor for what we consider one of the best. The Berkey company was started in England in the 1700’s. What they offer is actually a water purification system, not just a filtration system. A purification system is held to a much high standard and can be used in times of emergency when drinkable water may be harder to obtain. Check this website: for further information, or stop by our office for a booklet describing their products and approach.