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Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

asianinstitutemartlarts2At Asian Institute of Healing Arts we teach four Chinese martial arts. Martial arts play a pivotal role in Chinese medicine, each contributing in different ways. Northern Long Fist Shaolin Kung Fu is the eastern equivalent of aerobics. Its movements are ones which will work up a sweat. It works on your leg strength, cardiovascular conditioning, stamina and coordination. Unlike aerobics, Shaolin is movement with a purpose. You get all the benefits of aerobics with the addition of martial techniques. Great for the young and young at heart. Classes are available for ages 11 and up, and female-only classes.

Tai Chi is a softer, more slow moving martial art. More appropriate, but not restricted to middle age and the elderly. Its health benefits include strengthening, improvement of balance and flexibility, and cultivation of chi. Often mistaken for an exercise only for health, tai chi is a very effective martial art that also includes many health benefits.

Hsing Yi, a very explosive and offensive martial art is another of the three Chinese internal martial arts, of which Tai Chi is also. Ba Gua, more twisting and circular, generates its power and benefits while walking a circle. Hsing Yi and Ba Gua are only taught privately.

Private or semi-private instruction is also available for Shaolin and Tai Chi.

This is a very superficial and condensed discussion of the Peter Kwoksystem of martial arts. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I would invite you to contact Asian Institute of Healing Arts for more information or check my teachers’ websites: or for an in-depth look at our system.